Agro Industry

Red Lands Roses - one of the leading rose producers in Kenya; Pipal has advised the firm on raising debt capital and more recently advised the company managers on a buy out of the business. 


Panda Flowers - Naivasha based business, primarily floriculture, but Panda also owns and operates the largest independent company providing infrastructure and services to other flower producers.  Pipal advised on structuring debt financing.

Zena Roses – produces and exports roses and lilies. Pipal arranged debt finance for business expansion.

Kordes Roses - German based, is one of the oldest and best known breeders of roses in the world with a strong presence in East Africa. Pipal arranged debt financing for Kordes to establish its own 20Ha rose production facility in Kenya.

East Africa Growers – one of the largest Kenyan based exporters of flowers and vegetables; Pipal arranged debt financing for EAG's floriculture expansion.

Alliance For a Green Revolution Africa (AGRA) - assessing the role of the financial sector in agriculture in East Africa.

Tropical Farm Management / DEG – TFM is part of the Neuman Group from Germany, one of the largest coffee trading businesses in the world; TFM manages coffee farms in Kenya. Pipal advised TFM and DEG on the use of guarantee facilities to leverage commercial bank financing in Kenya to extend credit facilities to contracted small farmers.

Lesiolo Grain Handlers - independent grain handing & storage facility. Pipal arranged the initial financing for the project in 2002 and has a continuing role in the commercial development of the business. Recent finaincing includes US$ 25m for cereals warehouse financing.

Fanikwa – owns farms with combined size of approximately 2000Ha. Pipal advised on restructuring the business to optimise use of available resources, expansion of the business, and financing requirements.

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