Publications on Leadership and Teams by Sue Canney Davison: Director Pipal Ltd include:

  • 'Leading International Teams' with Karen Ward, published by McGraw Hill July 1999.
  • Scientific Mindfulness: A Foundation for Future Themes in International Business Jonsen K et al. (July 2010) in Advances in International Management Volume 23 Ed. Devinney T, Pedersen T and Tihanyi L. Emerald Press. Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper, and Best paper in International Management Section. Academy of Management 2010.
  • Managing virtual teams with Martha Maznevski and Kersten Jonsen in the Handbook of Research in International Human Resource Management. Ed G Stahl and I Bjorkman. Published by Edward Elgar. Jan 2006 due for re-publication.
  • Management von Virtuellen Teams with Martha Maznevski and Christoph Barmeyer, 2004.
  • 'Leading and Facilitating International Teams' (1996) in ed. M Berger Cross-cultural team-building McGraw Hill.


  • Chapter on Effective Team Processes for Global Teams in the ‘Handbook of Global Management ’ with Bjoern Ekelund and 29 other international management authors for Blackwells Jan 2004
  • 'Creating a High Performance International Team' (1994) The Journal of Management Development, Vol 13, no 2 Pp 81 - 90. Republished in (1998) ed. B Keys and R M Fulmer ‘Executive Development and Organizational Learning for Global Business’. Hawthorne Press.
  • Developing Transnational Teams in Global Network Organizations' and the `Transnational Teams Learning Resource Guide' (1993) with C Snow, S Snell and D Hambrick for the International Consortium of Executive Development and Research.
  • ‘Mapping the issues for training the international manager’ (1991) in Ed. Peter Reid Global Management: Culture, Context and Competence Ashridge Management Research Group June Pp 37 - 48.
  • Co Author on: Snow, Charles C et al: (1996) ‘Use transnational teams to globalize your company’
  • Organizational Dynamics, Vol 24 Issue 4 Page 50 – 68.  Hambrick et al (1998) ‘When groups consist of multiple nationalities: towards a new understanding of the implications’ Organizational Studies (prior to 2003) Vol 19, Issue 2 Pg 181 – 206.
  • Snell S et al (1998) Designing and Supporting Transnational teams: the human resource agenda Vol 37. Human Resources Management Issue 2 Pg 147 –159.garret
  • A wide variety of conference papers and presentations.- E.g. 'Leading Public-Private Partnerships in Africa' at the 'Knowledge Management as an enabler of change conference funded by the World Bank Institute and Global Development Network in Cairo in June 2007
  • 'International teams: avoiding the pitfalls and creating a source of international strategy' (1995) in ed. R Garratt Developing Strategic Thought McGraw Hill Pp 205 - 217 Republished in paperback 2009.

Complete Research

  • 1990 - 1995 : Doctoral research at London Business School. ‘Intercultural processes in multinational teams’ Extensive pre and post-questionnaire and video analysis of the interaction of 24 international teams in 5 multinational companies in Europe and East and South East Asia
  • 1990 - 1993 : ‘Transnational teams: a learning resource guide’. Funded by the International Consortium for Executive Development and Research This study developed the transnational model to look at the different strategic contributions that these teams are making in a variety of large organisations, the different training, staffing, roles and rewards in different types of teams and the internal dynamics of the teams. Seventeen international teams were interviewed in depth and thirty more surveyed in major multinationals world-wide.
  • February 1990 – September 1990 : One of a core team of six invited by Forum Europe to examine successful international enterprises in the 1990’s.

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