Facilitating Strategic Change

Facilitating strategic change and purposeful small or large scale workshops

Services offered:-

  • In-depth interview/ questionnaire based analysis of the full context, the reason and intent of any intervention and any tensions that are leading to inefficiency or less than optimal organizational coordinationStrategic_Chnage
  • Creative design for all relevant organisational or workshop participants to engage in planning and designing new work, structures and futures and/or resolving their own organisational problems.
  • Anticipation of all eventualities and design in ‘preventatives’
  • Fully supported, highly participative, innovative and engaging meetings, workshops, and processes, expertly facilitated within an overall change and/or development process.


PIpal Ltd has also gained a very strong reputation for designing, supporting and facilitating large regional planning or development meetings. Examples of these are:

  • Designing, coordinating and facilitating two pre-planning workshops and the main conference on ' Practicing Agricultural Innovation in Africa; A Platform for Action. 12-14th May 2008 in Dar es Salaam. Sponsored by the World Bank Institute, DANIDA, The Danish Ministry for Science and technology, GDN and Irish Aid, 120 people worked in six country teams (Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique) and developed National Action Plans for Agricultural innovation systems, six country reports and 110 case studies (go.worldbank.org/52EXZ94WV0);
  • Facilitating ' Maximising the impact of research communication in Africa with GDN, ODI, IFPRI, ICT-KM in Addis Ababa October 2008 (http://www.gdnet.org/middle.php?oid=1492)
  • Designing and facilitating two regional planning workshops for CIP (International Potato centre) Regional Planning Meetings (October 1-6th, 2010)
  • InfoDeV, World Bank Stakeholder’s meetings for a Climate Innovation Centre (March/ July 2010) CIP SASHA CIP project (March 2010)
  • Rolling out UNEP’s new programme of work (Nairobi, Paris, Geneva May/June 2009),
  • East African Dairy Development first year review May11-13th 2009,)
  • Directorate of the Global Environmental Facility DGEF-UNEP March 2009,
  • ILRI Operational Project Leaders Strategic Workshop Feb 10/11 2009,
  • Banana2008,
  • East African Dairy Development EADD Launch . (April 28th - May 2nd 2008),
  • Securing women's access to land, from research to Action (May 19th - 23rd 2008 IDRC, ILC, PLAAS, MISR)
  • World Bank AFTWR Team (February 2008 African Water Resources) ,
  • SIDA/SCC/FAO on Up-scaling Farmer Study Groups,( Nov 2007)


  • UNCTAD/FAO on Pan-African Good Agricultural Practices,(2007)
  • AFTEN, World Bank African Environmental and Natural Resource Management team.(2007) FAO's Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Programme,(2007)
  • East African Seeds,2010/ 2005/2006,
  • CIDA first strategic planning and team workshop Kenya 2007,
  • African Population and Health Research Centre, 2007.
  • Jane Goodall Institute in Kigoma Tanzania and Washington DC (2005)



In the best cases, whole organizations, senior teams and functional teams have been reenergized, change processes have been fun and inclusive, highly participative workshops meet all and more of their objectives and any deep tensions and difficulties are resolved. In large workshops, participants are often surprised that they are working so hard, interacting so much, getting it all done and really enjoying doing it.

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